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Resources for Job Search Boot Camp: Telling your Story on 5/21

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

What You'll Learn

  • Tell your story

  • Identify your strengths

  • Define your transferable skills

  • Develop your elevator pitch

  • Create accomplishment statements

NACE Competencies

The career readiness of college graduates is an important issue in higher education, in the labor market, and in the public arena. Yet, up until now, "career readiness" has been undefined, making it difficult for leaders in higher education, work force development, and public policy to work together effectively to ensure the career readiness of today's graduates.

Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch also know as a 30 second commercial is a brief statement of what you consider yourself to have become at this stage of your life. You can use it to introduce yourself to employers at job fairs or respond to that interview icebreaker, “Tell me about yourself.”

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