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How to make the most of our Spring 2021 events

Updated: May 10, 2021

Spring events 2021 graphic

This spring, Career Services is excited to offer numerous opportunities to connect with employers and further your professional development! All of our events are online and hosted via Zoom.

If you have been interested in networking and are not quite sure how to begin, these events are the perfect places to start. They offer the opportunity to get to know an employer who can become instrumental to your internship or job search journey.

Read on for tips and insight regarding how to prepare for our events and what to expect!

Resume Rx & Mock Interview Day

Resume Rx and Mock Interview Day are two of our signature events that help you improve your interpersonal and relationship building skills, and offer real-time networking opportunities.

At Resume Rx, you’ll meet individually with an employer to receive critical feedback on your resume and elevator pitch. At Mock Interview Day, employers facilitate mock interviews with you, where you can practice answering questions about yourself and your experience, and receive helpful, constructive feedback on what you do well and any areas that need improvement.

Quick tips:

  • Save a digital copy of your resume to the desktop of your computer so it’s easy to access. This will make sure you know EXACTLY where your resume is when it comes time to share it at either event!

  • Become familiar with the “Share Screen” function. Speaking of sharing your resume... The “Share Screen” button is the quickest and easiest way to show your resume to an employer. We recommend practicing if you aren’t totally familiar with this, or reading this article.

  • Dress professionally. Just because this is Zoom doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be interested in making a good impression! Everything you do impacts your personal brand. If you need help determining what is appropriate, visit our Pinterest for inspiration.

  • Practice your elevator pitch. When an employer asks you to tell them “a little bit” about yourself, you’ll be ready to communicate with clarity.

  • Ask your employer for their contact information, and if they are willing to stay in touch. If they are, be sure to write them a thoughtful thank you note to follow up!

Job Search Boot Camp & Career Conversations

Job Search Boot Camp and Career Conversations are events that are co-hosted with actual employers who are excited to share information and tips with you—and even connect with you on LinkedIn if you send a personalized invite afterward!

It’s called Boot Camp for a reason! At Job Search Boot Camp, we take a critical career or professional development topic and dive deeper. Employers share their personal and industry insights, and you are welcome to ask questions in real time! At Career Conversations, you’ll learn about topics like Diversity and Inclusion and Transferable Skills from a variety of employers, oftentimes sharing their own stories as part of their advice to you.

Quick tips:

  • Use the chat and Q&A function. This is a great way to connect with employers and stay engaged throughout these events!

  • Ask thoughtful questions. On a similar note, not only will asking questions help you gain more information about the world of work, but it may also give you the opportunity to shine in front of an employer!

  • Follow up with the employer presenter. Many of our presenters and panelists are open to connecting with students via LinkedIn or email. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: take advantage of this! Be sure to send a thoughtful thank you note after the event.

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to make sure you receive timely reminders about these events, as well as tips for preparing for them! Register for our events here.

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