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Cleveland State University offers comprehensive programs providing students with the proper sequence of classes and the knowledge to take the aptitude tests required for admission by veterinary schools. 

In addition, Cleveland State University is proud to have an affiliation agreement with Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, an American Veterinary Medical Association accredited institution, is located on the island of St. Kitts. Students must meet minimum requirements to apply through the agreement. You can click on the logo to go directly to the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine webpage or see Academic Coursework for more information regarding course prerequisites and minimum requirements. 


The majority of students planning to go onto veterinary programs will major in Biology. Cleveland State University provides advising and guidance for students to take the coursework necessary to apply to veterinary medical colleges. Prerequisites vary greatly for veterinary school and each student should do research to see which prerequisite courses they should take based on the schools they eventually will apply to.

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