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How to Write a Thank You Note

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There is something to be said about putting pen to page. It’s more meaningful than a text, and holds a different kind of weight than an email—especially in an increasingly digital world! And, did you know that taking time to write down the things you’re thankful for even benefits your own mental health?

All the more reason to send that thank you note you’ve been meaning to write, whether it is to an employer who interviewed you; a kind person in your network; or even a presenter or panelist at a Career Services event! A thank you note, in addition to cementing a relationship, can show your appreciation, boost your career and help you get a job offer.

Whether it’s on personalized stationary or a plain piece of paper, it’s an important time to focus

on the positives. Following this simple recipe will help!

  1. After greeting your recipient (we recommend: “Dear NAME”), start by mentioning exactly what you’re thanking them for. Whether it’s an interview, help at a Career Services event or a thoughtful gesture, it’s best to be specific.

  2. Let the receiver know how their kind gesture has impacted you.

  3. If relevant, provide next steps for any of their advice or feedback.

  4. When will you see each other next? What holidays, or special occasions are you looking forward to? Warm wishes are a wonderful way to close a letter.

  5. Sign your name with a closing, such as: “Sincerely” or “With gratitude.”

  6. Proofread your work!

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