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The Ultimate Guide to Negotiating Your Salary

Guide written by Cheryl Wagemann and originally featured on the MoneyGeek website.

Though there are some things in life you can’t negotiate — like your tax bracket or the inflation rate — your salary isn’t one of them. Negotiation is a standard part of the hiring process when you’re starting a new role. However, a 2020 Glassdoor study found that 59% of American employees did not negotiate their salary. And gender plays a role: of the one in 10 U.S. employees who negotiate and successfully get a raise, men are three times more successful than women.

Asking for a raise or negotiating your salary at a new job can seem daunting, but some tricks and tactics can help you go into it more confidently. For a comprehensive guide to salary negotiation, visit this valuable resource the Career Development & Exploration team recommends on MoneyGeek's website.

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