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Checking Hire A Vike (powered by Handshake) Helped This Student Land 6 Offers—As a Freshman

This post was originally published by Handshake.

Portrait photo of Liana Stern. She is smiling at the camera, and wearing a black top and jewelry.
Liana Stern, photo from Handshake

This Handshake superstar freshman landed 6 offers just by checking Handshake weekly!

Check out her thoughtful insights and tips for applying!

Even in light of the mid-pandemic circumstances college students are facing today, many young job-seekers are still finding ways to start their career journeys. Some are even fielding more offers than they expected while navigating our virtual world!

Liana Stern is a freshman at the University of Miami studying public relations. Through Handshake, Liana found a position at Key Leaves as a social media and content creator. She used Handshake and was able to secure this position while her school was completely virtual. And not only was Liana able to secure this position, but she received six–yes you read that right, six—other offers just from using and applying on Handshake.

“I’ve been on Handshake a lot and I actually have gotten like six acceptances from using Handshake. So it’s been really helpful and I’ve been introduced to a lot of different companies and new things.”

With so many offers on the table as only a freshman, we wondered if Liana had any advice for students who might want to replicate this experience on their own terms. Her guidance? Check openings, check openings, and check openings some more! “I would definitely continue to look at Handshake at least once a week, if not more depending on how urgent you need the job,” she mentions, adding: “Definitely upload your resume so employers can see [your experience] more in-depth.” So consider adding a weekly reminder to your calendar to scroll through what’s new on the Handshake app!

If you’re actively searching for a role, whether it be an internship or a full-time job, try updating your resume and profile! With a block of time set aside every week to peruse Handshake’s freshest listings, you’re more likely to be exposed to some job openings or internship opportunities that interest you—maybe even from employers you’ve never considered before.

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