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Career Peer Highlight – Anna Oprisch

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Anna Oprisch, Career peer
Anna Oprisch, Career peer

On the hunt for an internship, Anna first came to Career Services upon recommendation from her graphic design professor. She met with Amy Goldman, Associate Director of Career Services and Liaison to the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, who helped Anna realize her own potential and guided her to available resources and companies she might be interested in.

Most significantly, Amy opened Anna’s eyes to a potential opportunity she wasn’t expecting: the Career Peer role and internship at Career Services.

“I realized that it was a way that I could not only have a job on campus, but I could utilize my skills in graphic design, journalism and promotional communications—I could tie all of that in with being a Career Peer.”

After applying, Anna was hired and started working in Career Services in the Fall of 2018.

Anna’s Role at the Office

As a Career Peer, Anna has learned a lot about managing an office, coordinating with our Career Specialists and reviewing resumes for fellow students.

“I didn’t expect to love reviewing resumes as much, but it has been one of the most rewarding parts of this job. I love one-on-one interaction, and actually just last week, I reached my 50th resume review,” Anna said. “I’ve encountered students from all different backgrounds and areas of study, and everyone has a different personality. It’s really fun to figure out the kind of help they need.”

“When they leave and say, ‘thank you – that was so helpful,’ that just makes it all worthwhile.”

Additionally, Anna was able to tie in her graphic design background by creating and designing all printed collateral for students, faculty and employers. “It has been great to see my design pieces in the real world.”

Anna has also gained experience in social media marketing by managing the Career Services social channels; has been responsible for managing and updating the Career Services website and resource library; has written blog posts to profile each of our Career Peers; and has created a much-needed brand for the office.

Anna wanted the brand to be very recognizable and aimed to draw in students using Cleveland State’s secondary palette, which is full of bright colors.

“I was very motivated when I came to Career Services to give a brand to the office, because before I worked at Career Services, I didn’t even know anything about it. Then, I was hired and I learned all of the resources that the offices has… and I fell in love with the mission and values… and that’s what motivated me to tell students about that.”

Her Biggest Takeaway

“When I first got here, it was as if my eyes were opened to this new world and system that I never knew about before. I was astounded to hear that your major doesn’t necessarily determine your career path. And that’s something I needed to hear earlier in my college career.”

Anna wishes she had visited Career Services earlier, because when she was a freshman, she struggled to choose a major—thinking whatever she chose is what she’d be doing for the rest of her life. This misconception led Anna to ambitiously pursue majors in graphic design and journalism and promotional communication, in addition to a minor in marketing.

“I’m really grateful that still was my path, but also, if I knew earlier that your major doesn’t determine your career path, I would have taken a lot more pressure [off myself] to feel like I had to pinpoint my major right away.”

What Should Students Know?

Anna echoes many of our previously-profiled Career Peers in urging students to visit Career Services early in their education.

“As a freshman or sophomore, when I heard of Career Services, I truthfully thought it sounded silly to me because I had no idea what my career would be and I thought I had no business going there yet,” Anna said. “That’s completely not the case. I wish I would have known about it sooner because I would have learned skills to help me figure out my path.”

While Anna would like students to know the importance of networking, interpersonal skills, relationship building and sending a follow-up thank-you email after networking or interviewing, she is most passionate about letting others know the value in working as a Career Peer.

“I did not realize how much it would shape my future. A big career goal for me is to be helping people in whatever way that I can and I’ve already had the chance to fulfill that goal as a Career Peer. I will definitely take my skills that I’ve learned here and be a lifelong Career Peer to anyone who needs help or guidance.”

More about Anna

Anna graduated from Cleveland State University in May 2019 summa cum laude with a B.A. in graphic design, journalism and promotional communication, and a minor in marketing. She will be volunteering for one year with AmeriCorps working with Habitat for Humanity in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Anna loves creating, designing and building things. She hopes to own a food truck or tiny home someday to go on many more food and travel adventures.

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