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Before You Hit Send: Social Media Checklist

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Social media is a valuable tool. Be sure you know how to use it for good—and not in a way that comes back to “bite” you! This means it is critical that you utilize basic etiquette and common sense. What you post should foster a positive online identity.

Ask yourself the following questions before posting:

  • Will I offend anyone with this content? If so, who? Am I prepared for the response?

  • Is this appropriate for social media, or would it best be communicated another way (e.g. telling onefriend)? Am I using social media as an emotional “dumping ground?” If so, why? Is a different outletmore suited for this?

  • Will I be okay with absolutely anyone seeing this? Forever?

  • Does this post make me look or sound unprofessional?

  • If I am trying to develop a personal brand, is this post too vague? Am I making my intended point?

  • Is my post a reaction to something too quickly—or is it well thought out?

Consider these questions before clicking “post,” or change all your settings to “private.” You’ll be happy you double-checked before making a slip-up that becomes public to the world and never really disappears.

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