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This site will explain the Anesthesiologist Assistant Articulation Agreement, beginning with Undergraduate or Post Baccalaureate Preparation, and what is to be expected at each phase.  An enriching undergraduate experience at Cleveland State University is the first step in your journey to becoming an Anesthesiologist Assistant. Cleveland State University has a partnership program with Case Western Reserve University Master of Science in Anesthesia Program. For more information on other AA Programs throughout the country, please visit the American Academic of Anesthesiologist Assistants:

  • Be working towards or have earned a bachelor’s degree at CSU (for undergraduate students), or be taking or have taken the majority of CWRU’s prerequisites at CSU (for post-baccalaureate students).

  • Have at least three years of college coursework, and no fewer than 80 credit hours, with a minimum average of 3.25 GPA, and with no grade less than a B- in a prerequisite course.

  • Receive the endorsement of his/her candidacy to the Program by CSU (Pre-Professional Health Programs Staff Member).

  • Attain an MCAT score of 500 or higher; or a minimum GRE score of 153 in Verbal Reasoning, 156 in Quantitative Reasoning, and 4.0 in Analytical Writing.

  • Complete Altus Suite, which consists of Casper and Snapshot, before or concurrently with the submission of their application.

*If the applicant has a C grade in a non-prerequisite course, the applicant should submit a petition with their application. The petition should be a few paragraphs in length and explain any C grades. It should be addressed to the admissions committee and emailed to the admissions director at Any applicant with a grade of D or F in a non-prerequisite course should not apply through the articulation agreement but should instead plan to apply through CWRU’s regular admissions process.

*The MCAT and GRE must be taken within three years of the application deadline. The MCAT should be taken if the applicant wishes to have the time limits on prerequisites waived. Our three key prerequisites – biochemistry, human anatomy with lab, and human physiology – must be taken within 5 years of the application deadline. All other prerequisites must be taken within 7 years of the deadline. The time limits will be waived with a current MCAT score of 500 or higher. The applicant must also compete Altus Suite, which consists of Casper and Snapshot, before or concurrently with the submission of their application. Allow three weeks for Altus Assessments to submit Altus Suite scores to the Program. Scores must be received by the Program by August 1.

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