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The following courses are the minimum required by our partnership for the Case Western Reserve University Master of Science in Anesthesia Program. There are twelve programs in the country for this degree and to become a Certified Anesthesiology Assistant. To learn more about programs and prerequisites beyond those at our partner school, please visit the professional organization website for the American Academy of Anesthesiology Assistants.

It is highly recommended that you make an appointment with your pre-professional advisor prior to enrolling in any prerequisites for AA school. A pre-professional advisor will review your plans, your progress and discuss future courses of action.


Intro Biology I and II/Labs

  • BIO 200/201/202/203


  • BIO 306/307 or CHM 402

A&P I/II or Human Gross Anatomy and Clinical Physiology

  • BIO 266/267/268/269 or HSC 457/475 and HSC 422/450

General Chemistry I and II/Labs 

  • CHM 261/266/262/267

Organic Chemistry I/Labs (Ochem II recommended)

  • CHM 331/336

Physics I and II/Labs

  • PHY 221/222 or 231/232 or 241/242


  • MTH 181

Upper Level Statistics

  • STA 347 or PSY 311

English Composition I

  • ENG 101


The above list is only for our partnership with the Case Western Reserve University Master of Science in Anesthesia Program. Each school may have slightly different requirements and it is the responsibility of the student to take prerequisite courses according to the schools he/she/they plan to apply to.

Students will work with Pre-Professional Health Programs regarding prerequisites and out of the classroom experiences. Should a student want to apply to other anesthesiology assistant programs, they need to research prerequisites courses and requirements. 

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