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Summary of Qualifications or Professional Profile

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

A Summary of Qualifications or Professional Profile is a succinct summary statement that frames your strengths, skills and experience so the reader understands why you are uniquely qualified for a position and why they should remember you. For maximum impact, it should be tailored to the specific job you seek.

  • List the strengths and experience that you want to share with an employer.

  • The statement must catch and hold the reader’s attention or it will be skipped.

  • Sometimes it helps to write this part last. Once you have the details of your resume written, you will be able to recognize what you want the reader to remember.

  • The length of your qualifications sections will depend on the strength of your resume. If you have a strong background (education, employment, relevant experience), include a brief Professional Profile.

  • Career changers—or those with less experienced backgrounds—usually will need longer Qualifications sections.

  • If you are seeking to break into a new field, Qualifications statements are the better vehicle for bringing in related experiences, transferrable skills and “selling” your potential to an employer.

  • Make sure that you can verify anything you write.

Key Items for Inclusion

  • Number of years of experience.

  • Type of experience: direct, related, diversified, increasing in responsibility, business, contributed services, avocational, intern, etc.

  • Key skills and tasks that constitute themes in your experience and support your objective.

  • Relevant or specialized studies, if applicable, referencing details later in the education section of resume.

Optional Items for Inclusion

  • Relevant perspectives or personality traits that contribute to your performance.

Summary of Qualifications Examples

Qualifications Summary:

A management professional with 5 years experience with strategic planning, sales and marketing activities. Expertise in market and competitive analysis and commercialization of new products. An effective combination of analytical and interpersonal skills has led to increased responsibility and professional growth.

Qualified By:

Five years of corporate experience using analytical, planning, organizational and computer skills to track financial activity, administer salary planning and audit expense accounts.

Performance-oriented manager driven by goals, time-frames and quantifiable benchmarks.

Summary of Qualifications:

Over 15 years of progressively responsible experience in non-profit administration. Extensive experience in budgeting; program planning and management; development of funding proposals; hiring, training and supervising professional and support staffs; evaluation of vendors for contracting out-of-services; negotiation of contracts; review of performance to insure compliance with program goals, management and operational auditing; and preparing management and financial reports. Chaired a coalition that consisted of 49 employment and training agencies.

Professional Profile:

Approximately 10 years of experience in computers and telecommunications, which has involved supervising a corporate telecommunication department, conducting corporate traffic studies and making equipment-purchasing recommendations. Broad familiarity with microcomputer equipment. Developed applications for MS/DOS, helped integrate CP/M system with hard disk. Experience with Xerox 860 & 850, Sidereal Micro net 8 & 6 and Group I through IV fax equipment.

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