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Networking is as Easy as Pie

Updated: May 5, 2021

Start a network diagram to provide a visual representation of your current network.

A networking pie chart. Clockwise: Community/faith based organization. Organizations. Classmates. Coworkers. Advisors/Faculty. Alumni. Friends. Family. At the center is a circle with "You" in it.

Put yourself in the middle and fill in names of people that you know. Whenever you start a new project or are looking for the right people for support or advice, your diagram will help you identify, plan, and implement your networking approach. When you want to contact a certain individual, look at your diagram to see who can be the link to help you make that contact. (i.e. you want to obtain and Informational Interview at a specific organization, look for the person that might know someone who might know someone at that company.)

Download our networking pie by clicking the button below:

Networking pie
Download PDF • 139KB

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