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Networking 101 - Tips for Attending Networking Events

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

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Before the Networking Event, consider these steps:

RSVP if required

If provided, review the registration list so that you know who you want to meet.

Pick out a professional outfit to wear so that you can make a positive first impression.

Update your LinkedIn profile and make sure it is complete and professional.

Clarify your goals for the event and develop a strategy.Reaffirm the date, time, and location of the event; know how to get there.

Person handing a business card to the camera

What to Bring to a Networking Event

Business Cards and a Pen

Mints Not necessary, but a nice thing to have, since you will be talking a lot with other people!

Friend/Classmate (optional) - Sometimes it can be a little less intimidating to go into a room full of people you don’t know when you have someone familiar with you, as long as you talk with others, not just each other.

Resume (optional) - Bring copies of your resume if the event is geared toward hiring or required for attendance.

People shaking hands

At the Networking Event

If it is an event with name tags, write your first and last name on your name tag. Place on the right side of your chest.

Find the host organizer and introduce yourself and offer a brief thank you for the opportunity to attend.

Be prepared to introduce yourself to others and use your elevator pitch.

If you’re joining a group conversation, wait for an opportunity to add a comment or question. Listen actively when you are in a conversation.

Ask questions. Collect business cards and make note of the conversation for later follow-up.

Do NOT drink alcohol if available.

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Reflection After the Event

Take stock of the business cards you collected. If you haven’t had a chance to take a few quick notes about your interactions, do so.

Within the next few days, follow up with your connections by email or LinkedIn to connect and/or continue your conversations.

Figure out what you need to do next to achieve your career goals, and find your next networking event!

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