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Engage Networking with Engage! Cleveland

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

People taking a photo with an Engage! Cleveland sign

Engage! Cleveland is a resource for Cleveland’s young professionals to connect to the organizations, nonprofits, events, businesses and individuals that will help them become better integrated to the city. Founded in 2012, Engage! Cleveland got its start as a collaboration between the business community and some young professionals who noticed a need for an initiative that would raise Cleveland’s profile as a top destination for YPs to begin and advance their careers.

Engage! Cleveland serves as a catalyst for Cleveland’s young professional community and brings awareness of the YP community. EC is a hub for all things young professional happening in Cleveland. Their goal is to attract, engage and retain young, diverse talent to Greater Cleveland by connecting young professionals to people, organizations and events. They also provide support and resources to young professional organizations, employers and nonprofit organizations.

Engage! Cleveland logo

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