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Do This After an Interview

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Make each interview a learning experience to improve your interview technique, evaluate your performance immediately following the process.

From underneath, the camera looks up at two individuals shaking hands.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How did the interview go generally?

  • What points did I make that seemed to interest the employer/recruiter?

  • Did I present my qualifications, relevant work experience and/or coursework well? Did I overlook anything which could be pertinent to the job?

  • Did I learn all I needed to know about the job?

  • Did I forget or hesitate to ask about factors that are important to me?

  • Did I talk too much? Did I do enough talking?

  • Did I show enthusiasm and interest?

  • Did I interview the employer rather than have the employer interview me?

  • Was I too tense? How can I relax?

  • Do I know what the next step is?

  • Do I know what the time frame is for a decision?

  • How can I improve my next interview?

Send a THANK YOU NOTE within 24 hours!

  • Express appreciation for the interviewer’s time and for being considered for the job.

  • Restate your interest in the job.

  • Re-emphasize the skills and qualities you possess that are required for the job.

  • Add an important point that you may not have referenced in the interview

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