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Viking Resources


The vision of Career Development & Exploration is to be the premier career support center by providing relevant and forward-thinking programs and services to best serve all students at Cleveland State University.


We serve all students, alumni, employers, and faculty/staff connected to Cleveland State University. 

  • For students/alumni, we identify strategies, resources, individual coaching, and events and programming to prepare for the world of work. 

  • For employers, we create meaningful opportunities for connection to elevate our unique and diverse student population, positively impacting talent pipelines. We aim to enhance employer relationships to our campus community, colleges, faculty, and staff.

  • For faculty/staff,  we use industry skills and backgrounds for partnership and collaboration, integrating  career and skill development into all areas of the institution.

Our mission is making sure students leverage Cleveland State University to achieve their highest goals now and in the future.


We believe that students of all backgrounds and abilities have the right to develop knowledge and skills to help them be successful in the future. 

We celebrate and advocate for the unique diversity of our CSU students. 

We seek to serve, understand, teach, and learn from our community. 

We value the privilege in our role to pave the way, break down barriers to access, and help students achieve success. 

We provide support to overcome obstacles and empower others to progress toward a successful and meaningful work life.

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