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Cleveland State University believes in students unlocking their full potential for their future.


For all currently enrolled CSU students, you now get PRIVATE ALL-ACCESS TEST PREP VIA KAPLAN FOR FREE—and we’re the first public university in the country to offer this!


Success is earned, but the ability to prepare should be equal and available to all. That is our commitment to your future if you aspire to go to graduate, professional, law school or pass certification exams.


Please read below to learn how you can use these resources to make your big career dreams a reality. We’re excited to walk alongside you in approaching your pre-professional/graduate/certification exam with confidence, and witness you redefine what is possible for your future.


#1 public university in Ohio for social mobility? You can say that again!


Available Test Prep Courses:


Directions: Please watch the video above before filling out your request form! You can also start filling out the request form to find the unique requirements to gain access to test prep for each exam.

When should I request test prep?

We require that students request test prep as a means to safeguard you; it’s important we make sure you are taking advantage of prep resources at the time that makes the most sense for you. 

Use this timeline to help you determine how far in advance you should be requesting test prep. This timeline will vary based on the exam you are taking and the type of prep you request (on-demand vs. live online).

Kaplan Test Prep Timeline-01_edited.png
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