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If you have questions about specific course requirements, reach out to Career Development & Exploration. It is highly recommended that you make an appointment with your pre-professional advisor prior

to enrolling. A pre-professional advisor will review your plans, your progress and discuss future courses

of action. 



  • CSD 228

Intro to Communication Disorders

  • CSD 231

Intro to Audiology

  • CSD 232

Clinical Methods in Communication Disorders

  • CSD 335

Speech and Language Development for Majors

  • CSD 349

Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism

  • CSD 351

Aural Rehabilitation

  • CSD 481

Speech and Hearing Science

  • CSD 485

Additional Coursework

  • Biological Sciences (Human/Animal)

  • Social Sciences

  • Physics

  • Statistics


Additional Course Recommendations:

All applicants for CSU’s Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology master’s program must have completed four courses (or their equivalent) as required for ASHA certification.

One course in each of the four categories listed above is required. Please see academic advisor for recommendations.

The above list is not comprehensive. Each AuD/SLP school may have slightly different requirements and it is the responsibility of the student to take prerequisite courses according to the schools he or she plans to apply to.

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