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What are the requirements for admission?

To be admitted as a Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Professional student at Cleveland State, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. If you are in process to completing your degree, you will not be accepted until after your degree is awarded.

When does the program start?
Our Post Baccalaureate Pre-Professional program is flexible, so you begin when you are ready.  Apply several months before you wish to enroll for optimal flexibility when registering.  Allow at least one month for your transcript to be evaluated and your application to be processed. To see when the next semester starts check our Academic Calendar.

How long does it take to complete the program?
The program is unstructured, which means that you take the classes you need. The length of the program varies based on your undergraduate preparation and needs. If you have not already completed science and math coursework, then the pre-professional prerequisite courses will take between 15 months (4 semesters including summer) and two years. See two sample timelines for full-time post baccalaureate pre-medicine programs here. Professional school application cycles open in spring/summer depending on the application and matriculation is generally summer/fall the following year. You need to complete your prerequisite coursework before you apply.  Depending on your timing, you may not be eligible to enroll in school for more than a year after you complete your prerequisite courses.  You will sometimes hear this referred to as the ‘gap’ or ‘glide’ year for post-baccalaureates. 

Will I receive a certificate or degree from this program?
No.  Because the program is so varied and individualized to meet your needs, we do not issue a certificate or degree. 

What is a typical course load?
Full-time students typically complete 12-18 credits per term while participating in the program.

Can I attend part-time or take classes in the evenings?
Yes.  Because the program is unstructured, you go at your own pace.  

Can I take classes at another college or higher education institution while enrolled at CSU?
If you intend to receive or be eligible to receive financial aid from CSU as a post-bacc pre-professional student, you cannot be enrolled at another institution, including partner institutions. Please discuss this with a pre-professional advisor or a Campus411 representative if you need more clarification.

I completed some of the pre-professional prerequisite coursework. Can I complete the remaining requirements through the Cleveland State Post Baccalaureate Pre-Professional Program?
Yes. Our program is set up to meet your individual needs. Making your unofficial transcripts or a degree audit report from your undergraduate institution(s) available to a Cleveland State pre-professional advisor will help us help you with your individual plan. Email to schedule an appointment.  If you are interested in one of our partnership programs with NEOMED, you will need to take a minimum number of credits at Cleveland State.  See CSU-NEOMED MD Partnership or Pre-Pharmacy Program for more information.

I completed all of the pre-professional prerequisites as an undergraduate. Can I take additional science classes through the Cleveland State Post Baccalaureate Pre-Professional Program to improve my chances for admission to medical school?
Yes. Strong performance in a post baccalaureate program can improve your chances for professional school admission. Please note, however, that all courses taken as an undergraduate and post baccalaureate will be included in your application to professional school.  This includes repeated, incomplete and dropped classes.  To improve your chances for admission you must perform well in prerequisite science classes and elective upper division science classes.

Who will be in my classes?
You will enroll in undergraduate classes with undergraduates as well as other Post Baccalaureate students.

How large are the classes?
Science lecture classes during popular times have fewer than 200 students, but smaller sections of fewer than 60 students are available each semester.  Lab classes usually have less than 25.  Lectures and all upper division classes are taught by professors.

What kind of assistance is provided for post baccalaureate pre-professional students?
Financial aid in the form of federal loans is sometimes available and administered through our Financial Aid Office, (216) 687-5411 or campus411@csuohio.eduTutoring is available for most classes. Pre-Professional Advising is available to all Post Baccalaureate Pre-professional students. Special programs, such as professional school visits, application workshops, etc. are available to undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students. Post Baccalaureate Pre-professional students enjoy the same university amenities and services provided to Cleveland State undergraduates, including: recreation facilities, student parking, health services, student activities and more.

Do you have a partnership with any professional schools?
We are proud to be partners with Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) in their Medical Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy programs. More details about the medical partnership and Urban Primary Care Initiative can be found at: CSU-NEOMED Partnership. We also have partnerships with LECOM for their Accelerated Pharmacy Program and with Ross University for their School of Veterinary Medicine

How much does the Post Baccalaureate Pre-Professional program cost? Is there financial assistance?
The program costs depend on your residency status, number of credits you carry and the length of time in the program. Current tuition figures for the academic year are available at Fee Schedules. Because post baccalaureate students take undergraduate classes, they may qualify for federal loans. Other financial aid inquiries can be directed to (216) 687-5411 or

Any last words of advice?
While you may feel rushed to get into professional school, remember that slow and steady wins the race.  Learn the material in the prerequisite courses and learn it well.  Take your time and earn the highest grades and admissions test score of which you are capable. There are no shortcuts in the medical professions.

Who do I contact for additional information?
If you have additional questions about the Post Baccalaureate Pre-Professional program contact Megan Carbone, Pre-Professional Career Specialist at or email to learn about the program, planning for coursework, and to determine if this is a good fit for your career goals.

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