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This site will explain the pre-physical therapy program at Cleveland State University and what is to be expected at each phase.  An enriching undergraduate experience at Cleveland State University is the first step in your journey to becoming a physical therapist.

Cleveland State is also fortunate to have our own graduate program in physical therapy, a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.

The American Physical Therapy Association has additional information about other Physical Therapy Programs, the application process, and the GRE.


While there is no required major area of study for Physical Therapy, Cleveland State University offers the Health Sciences- Pre-Physical Therapy track that most students choose in order to fulfill the CSU prerequisites for our program. Students who are in the Health Science-Pre-PT Track will be favored in the application process.

There are other physical therapy programs outside of CSU and students are encouraged to review prerequisites early for other schools they might be interested in applying to.

Cleveland State Pre-Physical Therapy students become engaged in learning, healthcare opportunities and scholarly endeavors that come from a variety of disciplines, assuring them the educational maturity and character development that schools seek.

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