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Since Ohio State University hosts the only Optometry program in the state of Ohio, the pre-requisite courses are listed below. Students are strongly encouraged to work with their pre-professional advisor and academic advisor to create a timeline for prerequisite courses and for graduation.


Intro Biology I/II and Labs

  • BIO 200/201/202/203

General Chemistry I/II and Labs

  • CHM 261/266/262/267


Organic Chemistry I/II and Labs

  • CHM 331/336/332/337

Biochemistry I/II (OSU states that if Biochemistry is offered in a two-semester sequence, both are required)

  • BIO 306/307 or CHM 402 and 403

College Physics I/II or Physics-Biomedical Applications I/II

  • PHY 221/222 or 231/232

Clinical Physiology

  • HSC 422/450


  • BIO 264/265 or 416/417

Calculus I

  • MTH 181

College Writing I

  • ENG 101

Intro to Psychology

  • PSY 101

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • 2-3 classes in each area

Special Notes:

· A grade of C- or better must be earned in all prerequisite courses.

· OSU requires a minimum of 10 hours of shadowing experience.


Additional Course Recommendations:

Please review other school requirements as the average applicant applies to 5 programs.

The above list is not comprehensive. Each school may have slightly different requirements and it is the responsibility of the student to take prerequisite courses according to the schools they plan to apply to.

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