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Exercise Your Values

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

A value is a principle or standard that is held in high esteem by an individual and is related to all aspects of one’s personal and work life. In this exercise you will focus on your work values.

A man sits at a desk with an open laptop in front of him and a stack of books to his left. He is wearing handphones and a scarf.


Review the list of work related values below. Select the five values that are most important to you right now. Then select the five that are least important.

As you consider your work related values, keep in mind that there are no right or wrong values; rather it is a process of identifying what matters most to you rather than someone else.

Work Related Values:

1. Achievement/Advancement – Having a job which offers good opportunity for promotion; opportunity to work hard and move ahead in my organization or career.

2. Adventure—Participating in activities that involve risk-taking; experiencing new and novel situations.

3. Balance—Having my personal and work life in proper perspective.

4. Competence—Demonstrating a high degree of expertise and mastery of job skills and knowledge.

5. Competition—Engaging in activities which pit my abilities against others where there are clear win-and-lose outcomes.

6. Creativity—Creating new ideas, programs, organized structures, or anything else that is unique and novel or not following a format developed by others.

7. Efficiency/Professionalism—Working in a place that is well managed where things are normally done in an organized way. Most of the work gets done smoothly and the employees usually do not feel too much stress or frustration. People consistently act in a professional manner.

8. Expertise—Working in an occupation where, as I get better, others recognize my skill and begin to ask my advice as an expert.

9. Flexible Hours—Being able to choose which hours I want to work, as long as the work gets done on time.

10. Fun—Enjoying my work and having a good time.

11. Help/Concern for Others—Be involved in helping other people in a direct way, either individually or as a group.

12. High Income—Choosing an occupation in which I could expect to earn a high salary.

13. Independence—Being able to determine the nature of my work without significant direction from others; to make my own decisions and do things my way.

14. Intellectual Stimulation—Doing work that keeps my mind active and forces me to think about difficult concepts.

15. Job Security—Feeling safe that my job will always be there; knowing that there is little chance I will lose my job.

16. Learning—Being able to continually learn new skills and acquire new knowledge and understanding.

17. Make a Difference—Knowing that the world is a better place because of the work I do.

18. Nice Co-Workers—Working with people I like; enjoying being with the people who work with me.

19. Prestige—Doing work that others consider important; people will respect me and look up to me because of my occupation.

20. Time for Family/Self—Having enough time for myself and my family; not working all the time.













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