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How to Reach out to Your Network

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

A broadcast communication strategy is a way to update your network on your career plans and/or job search, and then ask those in your network for specific, directed assistance.

Depending on your relationship* with the person, you will need to write a letter, an email or meet them for a cup of coffee. See below for language you can use as the basis for correspondence or for a conversation. However, this message will make more sense to the reader if it is written in your voice, with your language and sentiments.

*How well do you know this person? This will help you decide how formal this communication will be. In what context do you know them (faculty, friends, former supervisors, fellow volunteers, family members, etc.)? Would they remember your name? How much time have you spent with them? These are all ways to determine if and how you approach them with this inquiry.

Dear (addressee’s name),

I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to be in contact with you and update you on my plans. In (month), I will be graduating with a degree in (name of degree). I am asking those whose opinion I value, such as yourself, to assist me with advice and information as I begin my job search.

Since we last communicated (describe the last time you were in touch with this person), I had the opportunity to participate in an internship at (name of company or organization). During this experience, I was able to strengthen my skills in (list transferable skills) and gain knowledge of (what you learned in this experience).

I am looking for a position in (industry, field, company) where I will be able to utilize or develop my skills in (list skills you’d like to develop). I am also interested in working in areas such as (job title or area of responsibility).

If possible, would you be able or willing to assist me in any of the following ways?

1.) Please let me know if you hear of any openings that might match my background or where I might contribute my skills.

2.) Please let me know if you can put me in contact with professionals in the field of (list the industry or field or specific company) so I can explore that space in relation to my skills and interests.

3.) And finally, if you could recommend any specific resources which might be helpful to me in my search.

I have attached an updated resume highlighting my most recent experience.

Thank you for your support through this process! I will be sure to follow up with a phone call in the next two weeks.


Name, email


LinkedIn URL

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