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In order to build a competitive resume outside of the classroom, students should take advantage of opportunities available both at Cleveland State University and in the surrounding community. Candidates can gain exposure to their field through shadowing, working, volunteering, and by participating in co- and extra-curricular organizations, thereby exposing them to opportunities in the field of law, creating impactful professional connections, and strengthening their law school applications.


Students are also encouraged to join organizations they have a strong passion for including social justice, environmental, health and other affinity groups like fraternities and sororities. Students can also join one of many pre-professional student organizations at CSU.


Students should make sure that their grades are the top priority, but beyond that, engaging in activities to build their resumes is another way to build a competitive application. Students should not take on too many activities to the detriment of their GPA, but should evaluate what they can add to their schedule that will be beneficial to their future. 



BSU – Black Student Union

ISA – International Student Association

Latinos Unidos

OSA – Ohio Student Association

PAD – Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity

QSA – Queer Student Alliance

SEM – Student Environmental Movement

SGA – Student Government Association

Cleveland State College Democrats

Cleveland State College Republicans

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