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Introduce Yourself on your Resume

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

A Summary of Qualifications or Professional Profile is a succinct summary statement that frames your strengths, skills and experience so the reader understands why you are uniquely qualified for a position and why they should remember you. For maximum impact, it should be tailored to the specific job you seek.

  • List the strengths and experience that you want to share with an employer.

  • The statement must catch and hold the reader’s attention or it will be skipped.

  • Sometimes it helps to write this part last. Once you have the details of your resume written, you will be able to recognize what you want the reader to remember.

  • The length of your qualifications sections will depend on the strength of your resume. If you have a strong background (education, employment, relevant experience), include a brief Professional Profile.

  • Career changers—or those with less experienced backgrounds—usually will need longer Qualifications sections.

  • If you are seeking to break into a new field, Qualifications statements are the better vehicle for bringing in related experiences, transferrable skills and “selling” your potential to an employer.

  • Make sure that you can verify anything you write.

Key Items for Inclusion

  • Number of years of experience.

  • Type of experience: direct, related, diversified, increasing in responsibility, business, contributed services, avocational, intern, etc.

  • Key skills and tasks that constitute themes in your experience and support your objective.

  • Relevant or specialized studies, if applicable, referencing details later in the education section of resume.

Optional Items for Inclusion

  • Relevant perspectives or personality traits that contribute to your performance.

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