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Preparing for an Interview

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

  • List the names of the individuals conducting the interview and their job titles.

  • Research fast facts about the employer in advance of the interview.

  • Determine the qualities or skills the job requires and be prepared to give examples of how you fit the organization’s needs.

  • Familiarize yourself with common interview questions and questions based on competency areas by picking up our Common and Competency Area Interview Questions one-pager at Career Services.

  • Prepare to ask the interviewer the right questions, in order to make sure the interviewer has no reservations about you, demonstrate your interest in the employer and determine if the employer is the right fit for you. Prepare three to five questions in advance, and refer to the following as examples:

    • What skills and experiences would an ideal candidate possess?

    • What is the single largest problem facing your staff and would I be in a position to help you solve this problem?

    • How has this position evolved?

    • How would you describe the company's culture?

    • If you were to hire me, what might I expect in a typical day?

    • Beyond the hard skills required to successfully perform this job, what interpersonal skills would serve the company and position best?

    • What type of employee tends to succeed here? What qualities are the most important for doing well and advancing at this organization?

    • How do you evaluate success here?

    • Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with? Will I have an opportunity to meet those who would be part of the team?

    • Where do you see the company in three years? How do you see this role contributing to that vision?

    • What's your timeline for making a decision, and when can I expect to hear back from you?


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Interview Prep
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