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Must-Haves for Your Internship or Job Search

Updated: Apr 28, 2021


  • Identify skills, interests and values; consider connection between these qualities and one’s studies.

  • Explore goals, education and experience in relation to your career interests.

  • Utilize MyMajors and other resources on Viking Resources:

  • Meet with a Career Specialist to clarify your ideas and direction.

Professional Presence

  • Be aware of appropriate behavior, dress and communication (verbal and nonverbal) techniques.

  • Google yourself and remove any incriminating or unflattering photos or information

  • Login, complete your profile and upload your professional resume.

  • Adjust your privacy settings to receive email blasts for opportunities related to your major or career interests.

Target Potential Employers

  • Search in Hire A Vike.

  • Identify appropriate resources for your field (job boards, online communities and professional associations).

  • Develop list of 20 companies/organizations that fit your skills and interests.


  • Conduct Informational Interviews to gain advice and guidance from professionals in your field, and uncover the hidden job market.

  • Join professional groups related to your career field.

  • Join student professional associations and attend meetings/events.

  • Create a LinkedIn profile, join relevant groups and introduce yourself appropriately online.

  • Maintain a networking log to track all contacts and your correspondences.

Develop Job Search Strategies

  • Create a search strategy including measurable goals.

  • Establish an effective record-keeping system to track activities and monitor progress.

  • Dedicate time to execute daily and weekly job search activities.

Cover Letters and Inquiry Emails

  • Research the organization and show evidence of your research in a cover letter or inquiry email.

  • Develop an “inquiry email” to send if there are no jobs listed for the company/organization.

  • Write a message to your network if interested in a potential opportunity at their organization.

  • Draft a cover letter if interested in a specific job or internship opportunity.

  • Select proper format and personalize each email to the correct hiring authority.

  • Read letters out loud to hear how they sound and proofread twice.


  • Resumes should be targeted to each job posting.

  • Emphasize results, accomplishments and transferable skills. Have your resume reviewed by Career Services.

Interview Skills

  • Prepare and practice answers to “Common Interview Questions (available at Career Services).

  • Practice your Elevator Pitch.

  • Select appropriate attire for interviews. For ideas, visit our Pinterest, linked on the homepage of our website.

  • Develop a list of questions based on your research of the organization.

  • Attend a Mock Interview Day or schedule a Mock Interview with Career Services staff.

  • Use Glassdoor to understand what salary range is appropriate for positions in your field and level of experience.


  • Identify 3-5 individuals as potential references, and contact them to ask if they will be a strong reference for you.

  • Do not include list of references on your resume, however, do have list available to you while interviewing.

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