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Graham Stead studies the psychology behind careers

Updated: May 5, 2021

Cleveland State University professor Graham Stead has made a career out of studying the psychology behind careers.

The director of student learning and assessment in CSU’s Department of Academic Planning researches work behaviors, career choice processes, and how life roles and contexts interact with one’s perception of work. He takes a closer look at dysfunctional career beliefs as well as childhood career awareness among American, South African and Italian children.

How have careers changed in the 21st century?

“20th century career trajectories have been replaced with a focus on work, paid and unpaid,” Stead says. “The current landscape of 21st century work is transient, varied and global.”

It is important to develop multiple skills throughout one’s life for employability in a variety of jobs and workplaces, many of which have not yet been created, he says.


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